About iNeSI

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Vision and mission


"Being a national catalyst, facilitator and responsive change agent in the development of SA, within the globally evolving information and knowledge based environment, by leading the creation of key e-skills development strategy, solutions, practises and the implementation, to benefit the total population."


iNeSI will:

  • Provide a centralised and decentralised integrated collaborative architecture across government, business, education and civil society that will better position South Africa for the information society and knowledge economy.
  • Strengthen and support the focus and delivery of e-skills training and accreditation and research within existing service providers aligned to the national strategic goals.
  • Provide diversified, unique e-skills education, training programmes and e-skills upliftment across key stakeholders groups.
  • Achieve change by acting as a catalyst to achieve information society goals.
  • Play a leading role by orchestrating the various existing and new initiatives around e-skills and undertaking and advocacy role in developing citizentry for the information society and knowledge based economy.
  • Through thought leadership, be an actor and a stimulus for research and innovation.
  • Enable innovation that responds to the developmental needs of the South African society.
  • Work collaboratively to leverage existing capacity and resources and help existing service providers better align to the MTSF 2009 - 2014 .

iNeSI's vision and mission statements can be adapted to environmental influences.