Email Module

  • The first step is to setup a Gmail account. watch the short video below and then set up your own email account.

    Mobile Phones: Email Access

    Google Mail

    Open your internet browser and go to
    Once you have completed the set up Google will walk you through a quick demonstration video on how to use their mail. Watch through it.

    In order to access your gmail account, go to the Google Homepage and click on Gmail.

    In the following screen you will need to insert your username and password.

    Note: Please remember that it must be your full email address: e.g.

    Google Mail



    This is what the screen will look like when you open your Gmail account.

    On the top left hand side of the Gmail screen are three buttons, Mail, Contacts and Tasks. On the left hand side of your screen are a number of folders:

    • Inbox - All incoming mail will go into your inbox
    • Buzz - is a social network site run by Google. It is similar to, Facebook or Twitter and allows you to track/follow people and network with them.
    • Stars - let you give messages a special status to make them easier to find. To ‘star’ a message, click on the light blue star beside any message or conversation.
    • Sent Mail - A copy of all the mail you have sent will be saved in the sent mail folder.
    • Drafts - Saving a draft allows you to keep a message you are not ready to send yet.
    • Personal - Allows you to personalise your page, add or remove folders and tags and, colour code messages. When you click on one of the folders the contents are displayed on the right hand side of the screen. You will see in the screen capture above the inbox has been selected and on the right hand side all the mail received are displayed. Remember only ‘headers’ are displayed. In order to view the mail you need to click on it.

    Google Mail


    Composing Mail

    If you want to type a new mail click on the compose mail button.

    This will open a new email. In the ‘To’ box put the email address of the person you would like to mail.

    You can enter various addresses if you want to mail more than one person. Just remember to put a (;) between each address:;; etc.

    If you would like to copy someone into the letter (send the mail to them too, simply for their information) you can click on Add Cc, this person will then not be able to see the addresses of the other people that you included in the mail.

    Add a subject to your mail (Briefly state what your mail is about)

    In the big box at the bottom you can type your message. You will notice there are a number of buttons above the box, they work much the same as the buttons on Microsoft Word/Excell.

    Once you have completed your message click on the send button and the mail will be sent. Gmail will also save a copy of your mail in the Sent Mail box.
    Google Mail


    Reading Mail

    When you click on one of the received mails in the inbox the mail will be displayed like this:

    Once you have opened the mail you have a range of tasks that you can choose from.

    • Archive - Moves the mail to the archive folder to unclutter your Inbox.
    • Delete - To delete the mail from your inbox click on the delete button.
    • Move to - Will move the mail to a folder of your choice.
    • Label - Allows you to add a personal label to the mail for easy retrieval later.
    • More actions - Allows you to : Mark as unread, Add to tasks, Add Star or filter the message.

    At the bottom of the message are options to:
    • Reply - If you would like to reply to the mail, simply click on the reply button, a new email will open with the contacts address already inserted. You just need to type the mail and click on the send button.
    • Reply to all - If the mail has multiple recipients you can choose reply to all in which case your reply will be sent to all the people who received the original message.
    • Forward - Clicking on the forward button lets you send the mail on to a new recipient.

    Sending Attachments from GMail

    Click on compose mail

    Click on attach a file, this will open a dialogue box Browse for your file & when found just double-click

    The attached file will now be uploaded to the internet and be shown just below Subject when uploaded.
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