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Multi-Stakeholder Collaborative Network


iNeSI is able to achieve its aims through building a mutlit-stakeholder collaborative network. This allows fo the massfication of e-skills delivery at all levels in society - thought leaders, ICT practitioners, ICT users and the ICT illiterate.

Collaboration is the to unlock the e-skills potential within South africa. iNeSI operates as an aggregator and sharer of e-skills training, research and policy development, innovation strategies, and applications and montoring and evalutation frameworks across stakeholder groups.

A national architecture for coordination and aggregation around demand and supply, across all stakeholder groups, is continuously being built. Stakeholders include business, government, education and civil society. The multi-stakeholder collaborative network allows iNeSI to link between outputs and impact, and helps existing service providers to demonstrate measurable impact against national strategic plans.

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Stakeholders in the network

The network consists of:
  • institutions
  • universities
  • FET colleges and civil society
  • corporate partners/business
    • supporting the government's e-skills agenda
    • offering their development training with the intention of contextualising it within the South African and African environment.
    • assisting with research
    • promoting the innovation application factories and assisting with which local apps will work.
  • government
    • Memorandums of Understandings (MOUs) are being signed to align and integrate with relevant government departments.
    • The alignment also ensures duolication doesn't occur.
  • government agencies and SOEs
    • about alignment and collaboration
    • assisting with alignment
    • where applicable on the provincial level, checking that municipalities are capacitated to provide service.
  • global development partners and agencies
    • Drawing on their experience, architecture and framework, and ensuring their network is channelled through iNeSI.

Meaningful participation and contribution to the e-skills agenda

To deliver an integrated approach, the mutli-stakeholder collaborative network cuts across government, business, education and civil society, including labour and global developmental partners and agencies.

The multi-stakeholder collaborative network provides a local architecture that allows for independent collaboration across levels and discipline focus in government and education.

Within this network, iNeSI has created a global development contributory framework to support e-skills.

Engaging with iNeSI

National level: Stakeholder that want to engage at national level, contact central office

Research: Researchers engaging in e-skills research, contact ReSNeS

Provincial level:Stakeholders that went to engage at provincial level, contact the relevant e-skills CoLab

Roundtable discussions

  • iNeSI in collaboration with the Connected Health CoLab located at UL hosted a roundtable discussion as part of the e-strategies annual conference. For your information, the rapporteurs statements and photography from the event is now available on the website www.estrategies.co.za