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ReSNeS & research papers

ReSNeS (national Research Network for e-Skills)

The research component of iNeSI is led by the national Research Network for e-Skills (ReSNeS).
ReSNeS has adopted a multi-stakeholder model that allows for collaboration on research, with a network of researchers that extends across the higher education sector, the private sector, government, business and civil society.

This creation of a knowledge base for a hyper connected world is part of iNeSI's mandate to support wealth equity within the country and to make South Africa more globally competitive.

ReSNeS objectives

  • Thought leadership
  • Research classification
  • Research working groups
  • Develop integrated approaches for policy development
  • Research and evaluation of e-skills impacts

For more information, contact ReSNeS Coordinator, Prof Phinda Songca, at cspsongca@wsu.ac.za or +27(0)43 709 4069

Research papers